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Charpy Impact (Notched) ISO 179 ASTM D6110
Charpy Impact (Unnotched) ISO 179
Compressive Properties ASTM D695 ISO 604
Elmendorf Tear ASTM D1922
Flexural Properties ASTM D790 ISO 178
Izod Impact (Notched) ASTM D256 ISO 180
Izod Impact (Unnotched) ASTM D4812 ISO 180
Lap Shear ASTM D1002
Multiaxial Impact ASTM D3763 ISO 6603-2
Multiaxial Impact (above 3.3m/sec) ASTM D3763
Multiaxial Impact (above 4.4m/sec) ISO 6603-2
Multiaxial Impact (low temp) ISO 6603-2
Multiaxial Impact of Film ASTM D7192 ISO 7765-2
Poisson's Ratio ASTM D638 ISO 527
Shear by Puncture ASTM D732
Short Beam Shear ASTM D2344
Tear Propagation (Trouser Tear) ASTM D1938
Tear Resistance ASTM D1004
Tear Strength ASTM D624

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Test Detail:
 NameTemp (°C)Comment
Room Temperature
Low Temperature Can test as low as ~-65°C
Elevated Temperature Can test as high as ~260°C
Include Raw Data:
Machining Required:
Rush Turnaround Time:
Number of specimens tested:


Typical dimensions:

The test specmen must be a right cyliner or prism with parallel top and bottom surfaces. The preferred geometry is 12.7mm x 12.7mm x 25.4mm for strength, and 12.7mm x 12.7mm x 50.8mm for elastic modulus.

General Comment:

Data Generated:
Compressive stress at yield, compressive strain at yield, compressive stress at break, compressive strain at break, Elastic modulus. Stress/Strain curves and raw data can be provided. Tick here if raw data is required. Tangent and Secant can be provided for Elastic Modulus.

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